Feria de Malaga. The essence of what we are.

The August Fair, or simply Malaga Fair, is one of the most emblematic Southern Spain festivities. Hundreds of thousands of loyal visitors travel from all over the world to enjoy a complete immersion in the Andalucian Cultures. Malaga city center is bustling with people, doing spontaneous performances and participating in street fun events … … lanterns, flowers, decorated houses, street dance & music, parades and countless events happen randomly like the typical “verdiales” walking down the streets to show and share their unique ancient folklore.

Meanwhile beautifully perfectly kept carriages and horses take the road to the Fair Venue outside the city Center. At night the party is concentrated in the Real Cortijo de Torres, a special area outside the city easy to be reached using public transportation…

Understanding the Fair. Learn a bit more from its own roots.

The history of the Malaga Fair commemorates the taking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs on August 19, 1487, incorporating it into the Crown of Castile.

These gave the city the image of the [Virgen de la Victoria]. The newly formed City council decided to commemorate the capture of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, an annual feast is made the day of the Assumption, to commemorate that fact.

The celebration took place on August 15, 1491 with a procession. The following year the celebration of the feast day August 19, day of San Luis moved. That year there was a procession and a small bullfight with four bulls. He continued the party celebrated every year, and in the seventeenth century were throwing rockets and fireworks were mounted. In the procession to the royal standard that had earned Malaga and headed the procession from the Cathedral to the Church of Santiagodonde Mass he was celebrated. Over time, the festival of San Luis was being reduced to the mass and sermon.